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In These Trees is an alternative indie music project led by Binnie Klein. Klein's lyrical stories are suffused with human longing and memory, and pair gracefully with soulful melodies from the artists who perform her work.  With her extensive background in music as a radio DJ and a career in writing, Klein seeks to elevate her words through collaboration with rising artists. "Orchard" is her premier single inspired by her audio memoir, 10 Days in Newark, with music by Australian artist, Tartie. In These Trees and Tartie now have 5 singles out (Orchard, Sky, Ocean, Quiver, Hailstorm, and Ablaze).  The album, THE QUIVER, is planned for November 2023. 


As a long-time DJ at free-form radio station WPKN, Binnie receives many promotional CD’s from hopeful artists. She tries to listen to most of them, just in case there is a gem  that will fit with her show’s eclectic mix. When Australian singer/songwriter Tartie sent a few tunes, Binnie chose Winter’s Girl to play on her show. The two women, decades apart in age, began to chat on Zoom — about dogs, about music, about politics, finding a wonderful symmetry. Binnie encouraged Tartie to finish up a rough mix of “Ablaze,” about the Australian wildfires, and asked if Tartie might take a look at some lyrics. “Orchard” emerged from that question, and a great geographic distance, and a pandemic — the song, and many others -- began to take shape, with help from Grammy award-winning producer David Baron of Sun Mountain Studios.

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Binnie Klein

photo by: Mistina Hanscom



photo by: Natasha Librero

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