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Praise for In These Trees and Tartie

“Everyone should buy this record, because it’s really, really good – congratulations for taking the leap, Binnie!”

 ---Jeff Pevar, guitarist (The David Gilmour Project)

“The song “Ablaze” by In These Trees and Tartie – is “very evocative; I like it a lot”

---Kevin Gallagher, host Digging  in the Dirt, WPKN

“Lately I’m haunted by Australian artist Tartie’s song about the fires in her country, “Ablaze”.”

---R.P. Finch, Pop

“Ablaze” by In These Trees and Tartie is beautiful.”

---Tiokasin Ghosthorse, host First Voices Radio

“It is a very special project. It’s also unique. There’s nothing like it that I’m involved in. It’s diverse and the lyrics and music are heartfelt and feel true. We’re bringing together our cultures and collective emotions. “

--- David Baron, Producer, Sun Mountain Studios

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Abbe Aronson


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